Here you'll get an idea what different types of colas were tested - the choice of types is clearly subjective.

Whatever your taste - there are...

  • Classic - the pure taste
  • Diet/Light - calory- and taste-free
  • Caffeine free - without afterburner
  • Cherry - for the admirers of the fruit
  • Lemonade Mix - the art of mixing cola and orange lemonade
  • Beer + Cola - the bubbley duo
  • Peppers - all the "Dr" somethings
  • Vanilla-Colas - the fine taste of the vanilla aroma
  • Lime-Colas - the new ones with fruity lime
  • Others - strange colours, strange tastes and everything else that's not a normal colal

Diet versions of other types are listed there.


... Classic


Lime & Lemon

Cherry colas

Orange mixes

Other fruit mixes

Coffee mix

Caffeine free

Other mixes


Energy colas

Beer & cola

Cola & shots

Vanilla colas