Test reports

To see a test report simply click on the cola's name; the report will appear right here.

* Note: The number of tests is immense. About half of the text has not been translated. We're busy and sorry. *

The test reports are sorted in different ways. There are:

List by brands lists all colas alphabetically by their brand names.

List of countries is arranged by the geographical origin.

List of types are grouped according to their taste or main feature (classic, diet, cherry etc.).

Top Ten contains the best colas tested..

A little bit of statistics concerning the types. Not really unexpected: half of all tested colas (360) are "normal", although every 7th cola was a normal cola with artificial sweeteners (107, not counting the diet versions of special types). The astonishingly high share of lemonade colas (77) is not really representative for the world - that's an entirely German phenomenon!

Also not quite unexpected: The country of origin of most colas is Germany - that's where we come from after all! It is nevertheless remarkable because that number equals 387 colas! And it's quite an achievement that we've brough already 65 home from the USA!